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von lourencohen
Di 16. Sep 2014, 13:19
Forum: TriaTerra Blog
Thema: 4. TriaTerra-Blog: Fukushima, Lebens- statt Todesschwingung
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Re: 4. TriaTerra-Blog: Fukushima, Lebens- statt Todesschwing

Your post was very worth reading to understand what is happening with Germany. I have read this topic discussed in many blogs but did not understand what they are pointing out. Your post was helpful to know the fact.

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von lourencohen
Di 9. Sep 2014, 05:58
Forum: Terra Preta Alles Andere
Thema: Güllenbehandlung - Urinbehandlung
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Re: Güllenbehandlung - Urinbehandlung

WE are also facing the bad odor issues in , and I think the charcoal idea seems to be a useful and low cost one. We have to give this a try and see how this is going to help us to solve the issue.directv packages Louren
von lourencohen
Do 28. Aug 2014, 12:40
Forum: Terra Preta Alles Andere
Thema: Pyrokocher
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Re: Pyrokocher

I have also read the report from Pyrokocher and very much interested to know about the details for the face mask. As you have said Google is not that helpful to figure out the exact details, so if someone can share a contact details or website address for the same, which would be really helpful.
von lourencohen
Mi 19. Mär 2014, 08:52
Forum: Terra Preta Wissenschaft / Versuche
Thema: Ist ein Terra-Preta-Patent wirklich möglich?
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Re: Ist ein Terra-Preta-Patent wirklich möglich?

Thanks for making the term "patents" clear to the users. I have also seen this in a Facebook page and got confused. Anyway your explanation is very satisfactory and helpful to understand what that exactly means. Thanks to Uwe for bringing this topic to the admin attention. LOURENE ________...